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What Happens Next?

Once you apply, we’ll contact you and bring you down for a 1 hour Goal Setting Session. We’ll discuss your goals and dig into the below…

Unlimited Access To All CrossFit Classes

With classes scheduled throughout the day you will have plenty of options to fit into your busy day.

2 Personal Training Sessions

The emphasis of these sessions are technique and introducing the intense (but fun) nature of the CrossFit methodology.

Before & After Measurements

Body measurements can be a useful way to track your progress. Many times you’ll see a loss of inches even if the scale isn’t moving.

Baseline Movement & Fitness Assessment

Assessments allow us to identify weaknesses. We use this data to tailor workouts to help you effectively reach your goals.

One On One Consultation

Come in and meet with our knowledgeable and caring staff and let us talk to you about how we can help you meet your goals and have fun doing it.

Body Fat Test (Before & After)

Having too little or too much body fat can negatively impact your health, so it’s important to maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

Nutrition & Accountability

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. CrossFit makes you accountable: The workouts are 3x harder if you eat cookies the night before.

Personalized 6 Week Meal Plan

Designed by industry professionals, this science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, uses simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting.”

Client Testimonials

Tell us a little about yourself (i.e. work, hobbies) 
I work as a hairdresser I have a 12 year old son and I’m super loud and love laughing!!

Where have you come from in your fitness journey? (i.e. where did it all start? What was your motivation, do you have any injuries that you have had to work through?)

I started my fitness journey about 6 years ago doing boot camps, then I went on to do powerlifting and also now crossfit. I have always done boxing throughout all of my fitness journey.

I have type 1 diabetes so all exercise if extremely good for my health.

What is it like to be in one of Hayley’s classes?

Being in one of Hayleys classes is amazing she is so encouraging, supportive and great with technique which is so important.

She pushes you to your limit so then that way you get a great workout and feel amazing after.

What would you say to a new person wanting to get into Anchor Boxing?

Boxing is such a fantastic way to exercise. Not only does it help with getting some aggression out but you also feel so empowered while your training.

It’s also a great way to get very sweaty burn lots of calories and have fun while doing all of that.

Amy Hajek

Anchor Fitness HQ is a great environment to train in. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re training to compete, Bec, her coaching team and the Anchor community are there to support and encourage you. It’s an awesome community to be a part of. Check it out!

Matt Gear