Aaron is one of our CrossFit coaches and has been doing Crossfit since 2016. Coaching with Bec at Anchor Fitness HQ will be his first time moving from athlete to coach. He is excited to work with all the athletes at Anchor to help build an amazing and supportive community.

Why do I want to coach? – My full time work is often very challenging, both mentally and physically. Since I’ve incorporated CrossFit into my routine it’s been an amazing way for me to reset and unwind. Not only have I become fitter and learnt a whole lot more about myself, I’ve also had the chance to meet so many amazing people in this community who I’ve become really good mates with. Everything I’ve gained from my CrossFit experiences to date I want to share with others and ensure that when they join this community they too can benefit from it as much as I have!

Outside of the gym you’ll find him at the beach, going for a bush walk, planning an adventurous holiday or spending time with his partner Ellen and their 2 kelpies.