I got involved with CrossFit in 2014 after finding the courage to walk into a box for the first time after I worked out the classic gym was just not for me. I have always played sport in some capacity and love watching people achieve their goals no matter how big or small they are.

Known as having a resting Judge face you may recognise me from many a competition floor. I am the Head Judge at the Torian Pro (5 years), Allstar Alliance (7 years) and for the first time in 2022 the Pan Pacific Masters Games. I have also Head Judged / Judged at ACC / DUC and Regionals and still get impressed with those people that have the courage to test themselves in a competition setting regardless of the level they compete. I love the strategy of competition and am always open for a chat if you ever want to either judge or compete at any level of competition.

Throughout the day I am a Finance Broker helping people meet their financial goals and I am a CrossFit coach to help people meet their fitness goals.

Outside the gym you will find me with my son (Troy – also an anchor member) generally at a Baseball Game or organising a CrossFit event or chillaxing with my Husband (Damian).