“All hands on deck!

Add a handful of movements to a whiteboard, a pinch of spices, set a timer to ‘well-done’ and you have the perfect recipe to start any day. With a passion for fitness and a strong background in the military and team sports I have always been looking for different ways to improve myself and those around me. CrossFit opened my eyes to a whole new approach where gymnastic skills and weight lifting are complimented through general fitness as opposed to specificity training. It shaped the way I ran my team sessions whilst also incorporating this well rounded approach into my own routine.

Throughout my career the one thing that has sparked the most joy is the satisfaction of helping others become better versions of themselves. Seeing an individual complete the progressions of a movement until they can complete 1-rep and watch as they consistently show up to achieve general health goals is immensely rewarding. This is what I’ve witnessed at Anchor and I am grateful to be a part of this community. To help those on their journey to becoming stronger, fitter, happier and healthier people is why I do it.

My wife and I love taking our son and dog on fun camping adventures and exploring new places on weekends, so if you see us around the gym or out and about don’t be shy to say hello.”