What’s my story? Well I don’t have a life history in health & fitness, I’m not a Games level athlete nor am I ranking anywhere near top 100 on the Opens leaderboard – and if you don’t even know what any of that means neither did I when I started Crossfit (in 2017) so don’t worry. After years of waiting to be fit enough to try Crossfit I finally got brave and decided to give this Crossfit thing a go and every day since I’ve kicked myself for waiting so long. With Bec supporting me as my coach and a community of like-minded supportive people – I changed the way I look and feel, made some incredible life-long friends and learnt how capable and strong I can be in both body and mind. I am doing things I never thought were possible – both inside the gym and out. I’ve learnt to live way out of my comfort zone and that is truly where all the good stuff happens. It’s made every part of my life better.

I got involved with the business because I know what an incredible coach Bec is and how strong her vision and ability is. I’m super passionate about helping and supporting others achieve their goals – no matter how big or small they may be. Come and say Hi – always up for a chat.