Vern is a South African Kiwi living in Australia, so it should be easy to notice this guy with the blended accent. He is one of our great coaches here at Anchor.

“Why do I want to coach?
My profession includes an aspect of teaching, guiding and up-skilling people. This also challenges me to find solutions to difficult problems/scenarios they face and share the knowledge gained. Seeing my colleagues more confident and challenge themselves further using what they’ve learnt is why I wanted to coach. I love seeing people succeed and overcome challenges.
I’ve been part of the CrossFit community for a while now and I’ve met amazing coaches and fellow weekend warriors along the way and still do who I’d like share my knowledge and experience with and hopefully add to their toolkit in making it possible to achieve the goals they might have

Other than enjoying his indoor workouts and CrossFit coaching, he loves getting outdoors. Whether it be hiking to the top of a mountain or venturing to the bottom of the ocean where shipwrecks lay – he’s there.