Movement Tip: The Wall Ball

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Movement Tip: The Wall Ball

The Wall Ball is a great little movement that you will encounter fairly early in your Crossit journey. It looks simple enough, a bit of a cross between the Squat and the Push Press, as demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart. Start the movement with that perfect squat you learnt in our squatting series, then drive up through the heels to create some upwards momentum with your hip extension like you did with the push press, making it much easier to throw the ball up to touch the wall or marker at the designated height. In your quest for height, don’t neglect the performance points of that perfect squat you worked so hard to achieve previously!

Points of Performance

-Shoulder width stance -Hold ball at chest -Hips descend back and down -Lumbar curve maintained -Knees in line with toes -Elbows stay off of knees -Hips and legs extend rapidly, then throw the ball to the target -Heels down until hips and legs extended -Catch the ball and smoothly descend into the next rep

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